You cannot purchase time. But you can create time by working more efficiently.

I feel sad that so many people are wasting precious time and effort every day because they do not know that there is a better, smarter, or faster way available to get the work done. The result? Without realizing it, they are wasting the most precious resource – time. This has a lot of side effects – overwork, stress, work-life imbalance, and burnout.

Three powerful ways to find inefficient processes:

  • Useless repetition - Doing something that is neither getting you revenue nor part of operations.

  • Hands versus brain - Just using your hands to do some mundane work and your brain is idle.

  • Who is helping whom - Any software or technology is there to help us.

Efficiency Best Practices for Microsoft 365

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Digital learning replays consistently and reliably.

It does what we tell it to do and only what we tell it to do. Once the logic is in place, it never varies because of illness, a lapse of memory, or a misstatement. It can match the pace that’s best for each learner. It has infinite patience. It uses the same criteria to judge every learner’s answer. It’s available all day and every day. And it never forgets the learner’s performance history, which it can draw on instantly.

More Lies About Learning: Leading Executives Separate Truth From Fiction

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Consumption vs. Adoption

The Microsoft Viva Family will deliver the integrated employee experience platform (EXP) that empowers employees to thrive in the new digital era within Microsoft 365. This platform will ensure that people stay connected and are supported within their Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

Getting Started with Microsoft Viva: An End User Guide to Business Transformation

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