Learning organizations create opportunities for people 

Kenneth Derr

The Knowledge Factory 

How knowledge evolves (Fluid Knowledge) is more important than what knowledge exists already.

All knowledge is imperfect and incomplete. Societies, human capabilities, social relations, resources, and technologies, all change. Even very ancient ideas must be restated using modern language and metaphors to make them meaningful to the current age.

Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

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People who refuse to learn will find themselves well-equipped for an organization that no longer exists. 

In times of change, learners will inherit the organization. This learning organization should empower learners to manage individual knowledge (Human Capital) before attempting to use collective knowledge (Structural Capital) to meet superordinate organization goals. 

Intellectual Capital = Human Capital + Structural Capital

The generic goal of the knowledge and learning process is in the development of core competencies to support strategic intent. Managing knowledge and learning helps the company to own, control and properly maintain competencies as state of the art, and helps it to tailor them to specific projects and business initiatives.

Learning Through Knowledge Management

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Creating a knowledge chain, starts with the end in mind: Organization's strategic Objectives.

Knowledge management consists of organizing the identification, preservation, valorization, and creation of strategic knowledge for the company:

Knowledge Management in Innovative Companies 2

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All innovation stems from connecting existing ideas in new ways.

You are the information you consume. Your choice of the information you take in determines whether you become who you want to be or who others want you to be. Information and knowledge are not the same thing. Information simply informs you of facts; it does not tell you what you need to do. Knowledge is the capacity to act effectively. An ongoing process of sense-making is required to transform all your experience and learning into useful capabilities.

Thriving on Overload: The 5 Powers for Success in a World of Exponential Information

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Knowledge that integrates in the fabric of an organization

In a learning organization where we meet the Organization's strategic Objectives it are the knowledge leaders that weave the fabric between the threads of people, process, and technology:

Knowledge Management in Practice

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